Speaking Without Slides

Interesting post by Scott Berkun on not using a presentation tool.



Power Poses

This came up briefly on Friday … part of our presentations is us – how much authority and confidence we carry can have a huge impact on how well our students respond to the material we’re presenting. Amy Cuddy did a great TED talk on how body language shapes who we are, well worth some time …

Next Meeting: Friday, November 8

If we go by the three-week gap recommended by CTL, we end up next meeting on Football Fall Break Friday. Instead, we’ll wait an extra week and meet at 9 a.m. on Friday, November 8, in room 130 of the Journalism building.

Prof. Lanier will demo one of her lectures that involves using clickers for interactivity, which we had hoped to get to today but did not.

We will have one other presentation that will involve some prep, will get that to you as soon as I have it.