Next Meeting: Friday, Sept. 20

We are scheduled to meet again this Friday in room 130 of the Journalism building. If you come in from the Sanford Drive side of the building (nearest Tate and the Miller Learning Center), you’ll be on the first floor of the building already.

We sketched some ideas at the previous meeting (which I’ve pasted below), but we can come up with a better plan for what we’ll be doing this week. All of the FLCs have been asked to come up with a product of some sort and let the CTL know what that is by Nov. 1. That product can be a white paper, presentation, research idea, web site, etc. It’s very open ended, they just want us to, you know, do something we can share.

Here are some of the topics we brainstormed before:

  • Copyright issues?
  • Online and hybrid, flipped, lecture material online voice recording and script?
  • Prezi – when and how to use it, getting past the bullet killing
  • Flipped – recycling material? Static materiel? How often to rebuild? When to rebuild?
  • Adobe Connect? Elc new rooms?
  • Does the platform/delivery meet the expectations of the students? What ARE the expectations?
  • Overcoming the technical limitations of the classrooms – wifi access, Internet stability, backup plans
  • Director of online learning – come in to speak?
  • Presenter centric presentation, content, questions? In the presentations? Questions or answers in the slides? Flipping the presentation?
  • Do we want a wiki or blog to collect our ideas and thoughts?
  • Eye track presentations?
  • Licensing our work? CC vs, copyright?

Many of you have probably already seen this, but this is one of my favorite TED talks, perhaps something we can discuss this week, as well.


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